Project Manager Professional

Project Management Institute - 2009


Agile Certified Practitioner

Project Management Institute - 2018


Certified Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Alliance - 2019


Certified Agile Leader

Scrum Alliance - 2017


Professional Engineer

Professional Engineers Ontario - 2013

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MSc - Computer Engineering

UPB - 1999



Microsoft Corp.  Cisco Systems   Juniper Networks


Publication number: 20120290727

Publication number: 20120290727




In the Classroom




... the best instructor I’ve had at the different courses at U of T I’ve had, he made sure to explain thoroughly every single class and shared real time experiences.

Constantin was amazing, best prof I've had to date. Very clear, concise and humorous. Takes time to answer questions and stay back if needed, very fast at grading assignments with great feedback. Does not put down students for answering incorrectly in class but says there is a better answer and explains why. Uses tons of real life examples which help students grasp concepts a lot easier.

Again, can't say enough how great the instructor was. He's the only reason I stuck with the course!

.. the instructor was incredibly engaging, providing contextual examples and describing processes and methods in ways over and above the materials that allowed better understanding.

Very passionate about the subject, a lot of real-life examples, would highly recommend him as an instructor.

The instructor's passion for the subject matter had a strong positive influence on my experience of this course

Constantin did wonderful job, I am really thankful to him for sharing ideas and enhancing our knowledge. He helped by every possible way he could do. He is great in teaching profession.

The instruction is very passionate about the subject, and is very knowledgeable. He gave very good feedback on each assignment which is extremely helpful

... an excellent instructor - very enthusiastic and committed to the students

Great enthusiasm from the instructor ... Constantin was great, informative and approachable ... Everything was helpful

Constantin Tivig was an excellent professor. Very clear and thorough in covering course materials. Very engaged and passionate and always encouraged questions from students, as well as clearly communicating...

Thank you Constantin for being so positive!

5 stars.

Constantin Tivig is very knowledgeable and communicates very well. He shares his experiences when needed to explain concepts. 

The instructor was hands down the best part of the course!

Positive & Knowledgeable instructor! I wish Constantin taught more subjects. His way of teaching is exceptional.  

Our instructor is very good and passionate about what he does and I wished I can do projects management full time. He made me realize how important this course is in our daily lives.

Great instructor, passionate and had an amazing attitude throughout the course. Would definitely want to take a course taught by Him again.

I thought Constantin did a fantastic job conducting the lessons! His energy made the lessons very engaging and he was responsive to the students' questions. I also found the slides very well organized and easy to follow.

Great instructor, passionate and had an amazing attitude throughout the course. Would definitely want to take a course taught by Him again.

Loved the course and instructor was very well prepared, organized, passionately sharing all of the course materials and allowing discussions whenever needed. 

This is my second course with Constantin Tivig. I was delighted to see he was assigned as instructor for this course as he is organized and prepared for classes, knowledgeable in the subject matter, can decisively answer questions, provides real world examples and a pleasure to work with. He is a good match for covering this subject matter and for lecturing. I recommend him without hesitation.

The instructor was very helpful and approachable. He was very energetic and enthusiastic which made the course content interesting. He applied the theory with context and real world examples which was very helpful.

Great teacher!! I have been working with Tech projects for 6 years. Constantin explain the different aspects of the course in a great way with a lot of experience in PM

The instructors examples were really helpful and I was able to relate my own work to his examples.

The professor made the difference in this course. Constantin was great! he made time for students, was clear, provided tangible examples. His passion came out in the way he taught. I wish I could take the rest of the courses with him.